Vesa and Art For Crypto

Vesa Kivinen is a mixed media artist who is credited for innovating an entirely new art form Artevo and his new platform Art For Crypto, focuses on art for and about the blockchain. He is best known for his collaboration with the Bollywood actress Veena Malik, which reached over 300 million people through the BBC World, The Independent, Times of India, IBT, Helsinki Times, VICE etc. He is also a contributing art writer on News BTC.

The world of cryptocurrency is relatively new. Not a lot of quality art has been produced about it and for the people who have benefitted from being the early adopters of this realm. 

The blockchain has offered a lot of hope for those of us immersed in the potential of this new technology. The democratization of money and the transparency offered by this innovation is a huge evolutionary step. The first products offered here appropriately pay tribute to the genius behind it all - Satoshi Nakamoto.

An excerpt from the Bitcoin.com feature:

"The well known visual artist, Vesa Kivinen, the founder of Artevo Contemporary has recently started a new cryptocurrency infused platform called 
ArtForCrypto.com. Vesa’s work uses various mediums such as digital photography mixed with oil and canvas paintings. The mixed media artist’s paintings consist of visual depictions of the bull and bear, Satoshi Nakamoto, and one called the Split among many others."